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Ages 8 weeks-about 16 months

There are so many milestones that occur in a child's first year of life from brain development to physical development and even social development. Here at Little Sprouts we strive to nurture that development through sensory opportunities, freedom of movement, and helping the child build trust in their caregivers. We believe each infant is on their own schedule and will respond appropriately to all of their needs. We pride ourselves in providing a warm, nurturing, and loving environment.


Ages about 16 months-3 years

Our Multi age Model has many benefits including:

  • Continuity of care; longer time spent with the same caregiver

  • Greater access to appropriate materials, accomodates different learning time tables

  • builds self-confidence

  • modeling, opportunies to learn fr om each other

  • promotes empathy and a sense of community

  • social development occurs in an environment that reflects real life

  • encourages respect of individuality and differences

  • Encourages leadership

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